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What is Radio Shuttle Rack

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Radio shuttle racking system is a complete high-density storage system consisting of racks, shuttles, and forklifts. Radio shuttle racks are similar to drive-in racking in the sense, but it does not require the operator to drive into the racks to load and unload items. This efficient storage method offers new options for increasing warehouse space utilization.

Working principle of radio shuttle rack

Inventory: the goods are placed at the front end of the rack Lane guide rail by forklift, and the wap-1 shuttle car operated by radio remote control can carry the pallet goods to run on the guide rail.

Pick up: wap-1 shuttle moves the pallet deep in the shelf to the front end of the shelf and uses a forklift to remove the pallet goods from the shelf.

Mobile wap-1 shuttle: the shuttle can be placed in different roadways by forklift, and multiple roadways can share a wap-1 shuttle. The number of wap-1 shuttles is determined by comprehensive factors such as roadway depth, the total amount of goods, delivery batch, delivery frequency, etc.. The solution of this warehouse is composed of pallet shelves with a certain number of shelves and pallet storage, transportation and storage systems from pallet trucks. The space utilization rate is over 80%!

Advantage of radio shuttle rack

1. High volume rate: In the warehouse with the same area, the volume ratio of common shelves is 34%, and the volume ratio of the radio shuttle racking is as high as 75%. The volume rate of radio shuttle racks is twice that of ordinary racks.

2. Improve effectiveness: Compared with ordinary shelves, shuttle forklift trucks do not need to enter the shelves to access the goods, and a worker can operate multiple shuttles at the same time, which greatly reduces the waiting time for operations and greatly improves work efficiency.

3. Safety: The rack structure of the pallet shuttle system is very stable. In addition, the shuttles access the goods inside the shelves. The forklift only needs to be operated on the outside, avoiding the collision of the forklift to the shelves, thereby ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

4. High return on investment: investment in the early stage is higher than that of the ordinary shelf. However, during the later period of use, the personnel cost and equipment maintenance cost of the radio shuttle racking are much lower than those of ordinary shelves. Therefore, for the pursuit of long-term benefits for your life, the radio shuttle rack must be the best choice.

radio shuttle racking

Characteristic of radio shuttle rack

  • High-density storage, high warehouse utilization.

  • High work efficiency, greatly reducing the waiting time.

  • The operation mode is flexible, and the storage mode of goods can be first in, first out, or first in, then out.

  • High safety factor, reduce the collision between shelves and forklifts, improve safety productivity.

  • The lighting requirements are relatively low, compared with other types of shelves, the overall investment is less.

Scope of radio shuttle rack application

  • Large quantity and small sample: food, beverage, chemical industry, tobacco, and other industries with a large batch of single varieties and relatively single items.

  • Cold storage operation: reduce low-temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and safety

  • Term management: a warehouse with strict requirements for the batch of goods and requiring first in, first out operation management.

  • Increase storage capacity: a warehouse with limited storage space and need to maximize space utilization.


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