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What Factors should be Considered in the Heavy-duty Pallet Racking System Design?

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There are many types of heavy storage shelves, and the shelf company will choose the shelf type suitable for the development of customers according to various factors such as load, storage rate, and delivery rate. However, no matter how to choose, all shelf manufacturers will consider several factors when designing a heavy-duty shelving system.

1. The structure of the warehouse. 

When storing the equipment, it is necessary to consider the selection of effective beam height on the shelf to determine the height of the shelf. And the beam-column can directly affect the shelf location configuration. The strength of the floor bears, the flatness of the floor, the relevant design, and installation of the shelf. Another must also consider the installation location of fire-fighting facilities and lighting equipment.

2. The characteristics of storage goods. 

The appearance and size of stored items are directly related to the selected specification of the shelf, and the weight storage is directly related to the selection power on the shelf. Storage units, in this unit, to store, pallets (pallets) or storage cages, or a single product have different types of shelf options.

3. Warehouse handling equipment. 

Storage equipment handling equipment to complete the job. Therefore, the choice of storage devices should also consider mobile devices.

4. Warehouse in and out quantity. 

Whether it is FIFO, access frequency or access quantity, we should make corresponding adjustment design according to these data, so as to select shelves.

5. The accessibility of stored goods. 

Universal access and storage density are relative. This is, in order to achieve higher storage density, it must sacrifice the accessibility of the relative terms.


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