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The Radio Shuttle Racking System for the Dairy Cold Storage

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Project Name: the radio shuttle rack for the dairy cold storage


Project Type: radio shuttle rack, shuttle car, cold warehouse, automatic 


Project Background:

As the sales volume increases year by year, the problems also follow. It needs a lot of land storage, a lot of personnel management and a lot of workers' operation. In the - internal meeting, the five words of "centralized management" were mentioned, that is, the same storage capacity, can we use a small area to store, which will naturally reduce the use of personnel. For manufacturers, growth in production is most important. In order to improve productivity, companies often look for automation solutions; the production and packaging process is very important, but it is also important to take automation measures to improve the efficiency of warehousing operations, so as to meet the increasing supply and demand rate.

After the project manager hears the customer's explanation, he first determines that "centralized management" is the fundamental demand point of the customer. In simple words, the project manager repeatedly simulates the scheme and repeatedly analyzes the data, so as to make the clear value of the customer is not worth investing in the rack.


The Design: 

The feature of radio shuttle rack is automation. The storage and retrieval of goods are operated by small cars, which will greatly reduce the use of personnel. In the same way, because forklifts are not required to work repeatedly, the area of the passageway is greatly reduced, which fits all the needs of customers.

radio shuttle racking system

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