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The Push Back Pallet Rack

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The Push Back Pallet Rack (LIFO), also called push-back shelves or push-in shelves, is evolved from pallet shelves. The principle of combining the track and the pallet trolley is adopted. The track has a certain slope (about 3 °). Taking advantage of the weight of the goods, the pallet goods are specified for single-end storage, and the goods are advanced and out. The push back pallet rack has high storage space utilization is high, and access is more flexible and convenient. The total depth of the push back pallet rack should not be too deep, generally within the depth of 6 pallets. Otherwise, space will be sacrificed due to the pallet carts embedded in each other. The weight of single-cargo goods is generally within 1500kg, and the height of shelves is generally below 6m.

The Push Back Pallet Rack systems have high requirements on the manufacturing accuracy of the shelves. The cooperation between the pallet trolley and the guide rails is particularly important. If the manufacturing and installation accuracy is not high, it is easy to cause the push back pallet rack shelf system to run poorly. Therefore, this type of shelf is relatively expensive, and is very suitable for cold storage or occasions where the storage area is limited but urgently needs to increase the storage area. There are many applications in China. In China, only qualified rack manufacturers can produce push back pallet rack.

The characteristics

1. Composed of typical structural parts such as pallet trucks, pallet trucks have flowable characteristics, and the goods are stipulated to enter and exit at one end of the shelf and follow the advanced and later order.

2. When storing and transporting goods, the forklift is only located at the lower end of the shelf channel and does not need to enter the shelf cargo storage channel. Such shelves have typical characteristics of high storage density, fast storage, and transportation speed.

3. It is usually used in places where the storage site is extremely limited, but must increase storage capacity or have time requirements on the goods.

Any economic behavior must follow the economic law, stress the maximization of the benefits of the entire economic behavior, and obtain the maximum economic benefits at the minimum cost. Therefore, reducing procurement costs is also a key factor in the entire procurement activity. It is important for customers to find a shelf with reasonable price and good quality.

Weida is a professional and honest pallet rack system manufacturers in China. The shelf quality provided by Weida is guaranteed, and it is also very thoughtful for later maintenance services. Welcome to buy!  

The Push Back Pallet Rack

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