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The Design and Common Problems of Mezzanine Platform

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Mezzanine racking systems are supported by shelves and can be designed into multiple floors (usually 2-3 floors). There are stairs, handrails, and lifts. It is suitable for the situation of high warehouse, small goods, manual access, and large storage capacity. The floor support shelves have a complete range of varieties and specifications, and the attic floor has flat plates, checkered plates, steel chrome plates, and wooden boards. The upper platform is supported by the bottom shelf or column, and the second or third shelf is arranged on the platform. The floor slabs are perforated, checkered, galvanized grille, wood planks, etc., suitable for high warehouses, lighter goods, manual access, and large storage volumes. This can improve the space utilization of the warehouse.


Basic elements of mezzanine storage system design

1. The size, weight, and stacking method of the goods

2. Floor and shelf load requirements

3. Building size of the reservoir area

4. Height from floor to ground

5. Location and requirements of goods import and export ports


Design Features


Generally, since the height of adults is more than 1.5, the floor usually has a height (ie thickness) of 10cm. The floor distance of the mezzanine platform is 2.2-2.7m, and the height of the top shelf is usually about 2m. Therefore, the two-story mezzanine floor for sale can be made 4.2 meters high, and the three-story pallet rack mezzanine can be made 7.5 meters, which requires the warehouse height to be 4 meters or more and 8 meters or less.


Consider the convenience of personnel operations. The clear height (minimum height) of the first floor of the steel mezzanine floor cannot be less than 1.9 meters. If the attic is too low, the storage staff will work in such a storage environment for a long time, which will inevitably cause work depression. Assuming a net height of 1.7 meters, people working in the mezzanine system will have to bend their waists or lower their heads to enter, which simply causes physical strain. This completely violates the rationality of the shelf plan.


Cold rolled steel floor slabs are used for modular mezzanine floors. It has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good bearing uniformity, high precision, flat surface, and easy determination. It is mainly for manual storage and retrieval of goods. The goods on the second and third floors are usually delivered to the desired height by forklifts, hydraulic lifts, or freight elevators. Then it is sent to a certain position by a light trolley or hydraulic pallet truck, which is convenient for access and management.


mezzanine floor manufacturers


After determining the form, operation mode, and mechanical equipment parameters of the automated warehouse, the company needs to further determine the cargo unit and specifications. For the design situation in this area, the company should fully meet the needs of use to ensure that the design in this area is scientific and reasonable, and can achieve an excellent state. 


Usage requirements:


Determination of cargo units and specifications for automated warehouses. Companies need to first list all possible cargo unit driving and specifications based on the results of the survey and statistics done in the design preparation stage. Then according to the actual use requirements, such as warehouse requirements, cargo conditions, operation requirements, etc., make a reasonable choice among many cargo unit forms and specifications. If it is necessary to store goods with special shapes and sizes or heavy goods in the warehouse, it needs to be handled separately in the determination of the unit and specifications of the goods.


When an enterprise is designing an automated three-dimensional warehouse, it must determine the cargo unit and specifications as described above. Because the premise of this type of warehouse is unitized handling. This makes it very important to determine the form, size, and weight of the cargo unit, which will have a certain impact on the investment of third-party logistics companies in the warehouse and the equipment of the entire warehousing system.



Common problems of mezzanine floor systems


The structure of the mezzanine storage system is to build a loft on the top of the shelf by installing laminates on the basis of the bottom shelf. The advantage of this structure is that it can more effectively use the space above the warehouse. But the shortcomings are also obvious, because it is an attic, for safety reasons, there is no way to store heavy goods above it. There are also very strict requirements for the stability of the lower shelf. For safety reasons, when we install loft-style shelves, we will install some accessories on the ground floor.


The bigger problem faced by loft-style shelves is the stability of the shelves themselves. This can require manufacturers to use some methods to improve shelf stability during installation.



Another is how to improve the efficiency of the mezzanine platform. Because large-scale machinery and equipment cannot be used above the attic, if you want to improve work efficiency, you can only use some small equipment, or intelligent equipment to work.


Warehouse mezzanine floors are particularly used in some large-scale warehouses. Among these warehouses, the mezzanine racking systems can better exert their own characteristics. In a high-space warehouse, ordinary shelves cannot make good use of the space above the warehouse, and the use of a modular mezzanine floor can solve this problem.



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