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The Comparison between Double Deep Pallet Racking and Narrow Aisle Racking

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Both double deep pallet racking and narrow aisle racking system are pallet storage system that is used in warehouses to increase storage efficiency and pallet density. 

Double Deep Pallet Racking

The double deep racking system is derived from heavy-duty beam-type racks with simple structure and high storage capacity, and effectively relieves the storage requirements that ordinary beam-type racks cannot meet.

The features of double deep pallet racking

The China double deep pallet racking system consists of heavy beams, and the height of the beams is low. The operating height of double deep pallet racking can reach 8 meters, the medium inventory flow, provides 50% selectivity, suitable for warehouses with low pickup rate, the ground utilization rate: 42%.

The shelf is derived from a simple structure and has a high storage capacity, which effectively relieves the storage requirements that cannot be met by ordinary beam-type shelves. It doubles the inventory of ordinary beam-type shelves. The double deep pallet racking is more suitable for tobacco, food and beverage, packaging, and other industries.

double deep pallet racking

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow aisle racking is named because its forklift handling roadway is relatively narrow, which is also its biggest advantage and improves the warehouse utilization rate. The main part of the China narrow aisle racking system is a beam-type shelf system. The difference is that a "three-way stacking forklift" action rail is installed on the ground at the bottom of the shelf. This is also for the safety of the shelf and the guidance of the forklift.

The features of narrow aisle racking

The biggest feature of the narrow aisle racking system is that the aisle is much narrower than the general beam type, which is about 1600mm-2000mm, which greatly improves the space utilization rate of the warehouse. This rack needs to be equipped with a special forklift --- three-way stacker truck. Due to the narrow passage, this requires the skillful technology of the master who drives the forklift and usually works carefully and cautiously.

narrow aisle racking system

The difference between double deep pallet racking and narrow aisle racking

The double deep pallet racking shelf is a type of shelves that are stored side by side in double rows. The warehouse utilization rate is about 42%. The roadway of the double-deep shelf should be designed according to the forklift. However, in order to get the goods inside, a scissor forklift is needed. Narrow roadway forklifts generally have two groups of shelves next to each other. A guide rail is installed between every two groups. The warehouse space utilization rate can be increased by about 20% compared with ordinary shelves. However, due to the narrow roadway, three-way stackers and forklifts are required, the cost is relatively high. The biggest difference between the two is that the forklifts used are different. The China double deep pallet racking is four back-to-back, and the quality of the shelf without the guide rail below only depends on the material and structure of the shelf, whether it suits your needs, and whether it is durable.

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