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The Characteristics of the Selective Beam Rack

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The selective beam rack is divided into two categories, one is a P-type beam, the other is Box Beam. The following is a detailed introduction by Weida:

P-type beam

The P-type beam is mainly for the cross-section of the shelf beam, because the cross-section of the shelf beam is P-shaped, which is mainly used on the steel laminate shelf. There have different height of the P-shaped beam steps, which are 25 mm, 27 mm, 30 mm, corresponding to 50 * 30, 60 * 40, 110 * 50, respectively. The bottom of the shelf layer plate is equipped with a reinforcing rib, and the thickness of the shelf layer plate is 0.8 mm, 7 mm, and 1.0 mm respectively. A post clamp is welded at both ends of the P-shaped crossbeam. The post clamp and the rack column are of movable connection type. The load-bearing capacity of each layer of the rack beam is 300-1000kg.

P-type beam

Box Beam

The other type is Box Beam, which is welded by two C-shaped inner roll grooves. The load-bearing capacity of this kind of beam is much larger than that of the P-shaped beam. The bearing capacity of each layer of the welding beam is more than 1000kg.

Box Beam

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