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The Attention Points for Installing High Storage Warehouse Shelves in the E-commerce Industry

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With the rapid development of e-commerce, the warehouse capacity is in serious shortage. E-commerce is characterized by a small number of orders or just a single project. However, in the previous warehouses, each product was processed in large quantities and then transported to physical stores across the country in batches. In e-commerce based warehouses, there are a large number of them, each of which needs to have its own specific space.

The persons engaged in the warehousing industry know that the inventory will fluctuate at any time of the year or the sales season, especially during holidays, when the inventory is usually at the peak, which is usually two to three times the normal. In addition, due to the influence of Amazon, consumers require more products with faster and better services, which brings extra pressure to the warehouse space. Due to the growth of consumer demand, many enterprises are looking for extra space to distribute and store their products. But it's not easy to find a piece of real estate for the warehouse.

If it is not possible to obtain additional warehouse space, what should retailers do? In fact, extra space can be found in your existing operating space. Here are some ways to maximize storage capacity.

The following points should be paid attention to when installing high storage warehouse shelves in e-commerce industry: 

1. Before the installation and construction of high-level shelves, it is necessary to be familiar with the drawings. For the warehouse shelves, the construction scheme should be customized for the three-dimensional library, special or complex facilities, and the transportation road and power supply should be understood on site.

2. Before the installation of the storage rack in the stereoscopic warehouse, the construction of the on-site roof and indoor paint shall be basically completed, and the relevant foundation layer and passage shall be completed. The concrete strength shall not be less than 75% of the design strength, and the sundries and garbage at and near the installation and construction site shall be cleaned up.

3. The approval of the owner shall be obtained when the building borrowing work is the key point for the installation of the stereoscopic warehouse

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