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Steel Structure Platform Case of Chongqing Construction Machinery Company

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Basic customer information: A Chongqing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on May 11, 2011. Its business scope includes sales of construction machinery, drilling machinery, mining machinery, machine tools, logistics equipment and accessories, and maintenance services.

Shelf type: steel structure platform

Case study: The customer needs to build a stainless steel platform to increase the storage area of the warehouse. There are two steel platforms this time, totaling 500 square meters.


The received customer information on September 5, immediately contacted and visited, and the reception was Mr. Xie from the Chongqing branch. Xie always wanted to build a steel structure platform, and put some shelf racks and pallet racks on the platform to put some accessories they needed. After understanding Mr. Xie's needs, measure the size on site. On September 7th, he visited again after the plan was completed. This time, Mr. Shen, who was in charge of the technology at the headquarters of the other party, put forward the modification requirements of the stairs and elevators. On September 8th, the plan was confirmed again with Mr. Shen. Later Mr. Xie asked us to quote a sincere price, and finally, we reached a deal with a sincere price.


The stainless steel platform column is made of square steel, the beam is made of I-beam, the secondary beam is of welding beam, the floor is made of the galvanized floor, and the steel platform bears 50OKG.

Steel structure platform features

1. The characteristics of steel are its high strength, lightweight, and high rigidity, so it is particularly suitable for building large-span, super-high, and heavy-duty buildings.

2. The material of steel structure has good homogeneity and isotropy. It is an ideal elastic body. It is most in line with the basic assumptions of general engineering mechanics. It is a rare ideal building material today.

3. The material of the steel structure platform has good plasticity and toughness and can have large deformation, so it can withstand dynamic loads well. Many large buildings are dominated by steel structures. The first door in the world today, located in Suzhou, is based on a steel structure.

4. The construction period is short. For a building of 300 square meters, it takes only 30 working days to complete the production from the order to the on-site installation. It can be described as saving costs, saving time, and saving labor!

5. The steel structure building has a high degree of industrialization and a high degree of mechanization, which can carry out specialized production, improve work efficiency, and reduce construction difficulty. It is very consistent with the current high-speed energy-saving society.

We will ship the goods 12 days after receiving the advance payment.


Packing: Tighten with a plastic steel tape and protect it with wrapping film to prevent the goods from tilting or bumping. It will arrive at the customer's site two days later. The installation will be completed in a total of 4 days, and the installation will be accepted by the other party.


Project summary: The site has been installed and the steel structure platform solves the storage area problem of the other party, nearly doubles the area, and standardizes the placement.

The pictures of the on-site installation shelves are attached below:


storage mezzanine platforms

steel structure platform

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