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South Korea LG Group‘s Battery Chemistry Warehouse Located in the Nanjing Binjiang Industry Area

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LG Group from South Korea is an international enterprise group leading the development of world industries. Under the influence of the international environmental protection and energy industry and China's relevant policies, LG Chemical subsidiary vigorously develop new energy battery technology, ensures world-class battery production capacity, and improves its market share in the next generation of new energy sources. LG Chemical plans its production base in China, which has the largest production capacity in various industries. To ensure the storage efficiency and serve the Chinese market promptly, the company built a fully automated warehouse racking system in the Binjiang Industry area of Nanjing City and chose Nanjing Weida logistics equipment Co., Ltd. as the supplier and the partner (videos and pictures are available at the end of the article).

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Project Volume:  70000 square meters, the height of 12 meters, investment amount over 100 million yuan.

Goods type: new energy battery panel (computer, new energy vehicle)

Cargo properties: precision, pollution, fragile, storage temperature, and humidity affect the quality of goods.

Required warehouse equipment: racking system, shuttle, stacker, WMS warehouse management system.


Customer Demands: 

Because the customer is the International Group from South Korea, the storage environment, and equipment of the excellent degree completely exceeds the acceptance standard of most domestic enterprises in China. Choosing our company is trust and a great test for China's automated warehousing industry.


Due to the nature of the goods, LG has strict requirements on the temperature and humidity of the warehouse, as well as the stability of the automatic warehouse equipment operation. At the same time, it especially requires the warehouse to ensure a dust-free environment and epoxy floor. The domestic warehousing projects in the early stage of these standards were not even aware of them, let alone the warehouse to be done by the integrators.


During this period, there have been many temporary changes in customer requirements (such as design drawing changes and temporary requirements for the replacement of stacker traveling wheel bearing, etc.), so the test for our R&D team and production and installation team is also huge.


Therefore, in order to meet the challenges of world-class standards and technologies, our company held an urgent meeting in the R & D department to gather the technical capabilities of the industry and develop relevant patents to meet the needs of customers. At the same time, our company's production base workshops also maintain the highest level of production capacity in the industry, and require all levels of team personnel, strictly control quality standards. After 10 months of hard work, the storage project phase I was successfully completed on July 12, 2020. 

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Customer postscript:

As the demand and gap of China's new energy industry still exist, LG Chemical also realizes that only the first phase project of LG warehouse in the Binjiang Industry Area of Nanjing will not be able to meet the Chinese huge market in the future, so it has established the scheme of phase II project near the original site of phase I. Due to the long-term high-quality service and efficient production capacity of the production base, LG Chemical did not hesitate to choose Weida. We are looking forward to more and better cooperation in the future.

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Click the link for live shooting:  www.123456.com

The following pictures are taken at the site: 

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