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Rainstorm Season, What Kinds of Racks can Prevent Goods from Damage and Dampness

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Since June 15, 2020, a large-scale rainstorm red warning or blue warning in southern China has caused a large number of flood disasters. Customers of our warehouse and customers in the same industry have been affected by the impact of rain or moisture. So how can the storage industry avoid the loss caused by rainstorms?


At this moment, Weida warehouse storage rack systems can be used to prevent moisture and moisture! To put your goods on our racks and shelves will not only reduce the degree of moisture but also make reasonable use of space to a certain extent.

 warehouse storage rack systems

Weida warehouse shelving solutions are special storage equipment for storing finished goods. The rack plays a very important role in the small warehouse. With the substantial increase of logistics volume, in order to realize the modern management of warehouses and improve the functions of the warehouse, it not only requires a large number of shelves, but also requires multi-function, and can realize the requirements of mechanization and automation.


Warehouse storage shelves' functions are as follows:

1. The commercial racking and shelving is a kind of frame structure. It can make full use of the utilization rate of warehouse space and expand the storage capacity of the warehouse.

2. Smallgoods on racks and shelves, easy to access, easy to count, and measure.

3. To ensure the quality of stored goods, measures such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, and damage can be taken to improve the storage quality of materials.

4. The structure and function of the shelf are conducive to the mechanization and automatic management of the warehouse.


The steel racking and shelving account for a large proportion of the total investment in storage equipment, and more steel is consumed in storage, which has a great impact on the operation mode of the warehouse. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reasonable and economical storage racking solutions. Under the condition of ensuring the strength, rigidity, and overall stability of the steel warehouse shelving, the weight of the shelf shall be reduced as much as possible, the steel consumption shall be reduced, and the requirements of the shelf on the storage ground. The pressure bearing capacity shall be reduced to meet the storage needs.


There are many kinds of industrial rack storage systems, and there are different ways to classify them. According to its manufacturing process, it can be divided into welded shelves and combined shelves. According to its moving state, it can be divided into fixed shelves, mobile shelves, and rotary shelves.


Weida is a professional warehouse racking system manufacturer, offering different storage racking solutions. The warehouse storage racking metal shelving can isolate your goods from the wetland in some wet places, so as to achieve a better effect and keep the goods in their original state. In addition, the quality of our shelving and rack systems is good, the design is in line with your use rules, and its structure is conducive to the realization of your cargo management. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us in time.

warehouse storage shelving systems 

Nanjing Weida logistics equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the China warehouse storage racks manufacturers. It has become the supplier of many world-famous companies' investment enterprises in China. Besides domestic sales, products such as heavy duty pallet racking systems, cantilever racking solutions, and radio shuttle racking systems are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and other countries and regions. We continuously not only make the new product developments and increase the production management system level as per the ISO9001 International Quality System standard but also focus on the environment protection to comply with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001.


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