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Radio Shuttle Racking System - A Good Helper for Increasing Capacity

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Case study: The customer needs to make a radio shuttle racking system to increase the storage area of the warehouse, and the system is managed. This time, there are a total of 488 radio shuttle racking, covering an area of 2000 square meters.

Evergrande Purchasing found us through online promotion. After getting the information, our company attached great importance to it. After communicating on-site, we learned that the other party was going to build a modern cattle slaughter factory that integrates slaughter, storage, and logistics. For this reason, Evergrande Group built two 2,000-square-meter freezers to store beef. After measuring the warehouse, make a plan after communicating with the customer manager Liang. Because it is cold storage, the cost is high, and it is necessary to store as much beef as possible in the warehouse. Our company considers customers to use a radio shuttle racking system to maximize the use of customers' storage area. After many times of communication with our company, the plan is revised until the customer is satisfied and adopts our plan. Evergrande’s procurement uses internal bidding. A total of 4 suppliers participated in the bidding. Our company also won the project through its comprehensive strength.

The radio shuttle rack adopts a 90 * 68 * 2.0 column with a height of 6.9 meters. The three-layer beam is placed on three layers. There are a total of 1,488 cargo spaces, each carrying 1.5 tons.

radio shuttle racking system

Radio shuttle racking system introduction

The radio shuttle rack system is a high-density storage system composed of shelves, piercing vehicles, and forklifts. This high-efficiency storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring customers a new storage choice.

The characteristics of the warehouse radio shuttle racking system

1 High-density storage, high warehouse utilization.

2. High working efficiency, greatly reducing the waiting time of work.

3. Flexible operation mode. The way of depositing and withdrawing goods can be first in first out or first in last out.

4. High safety factor, reducing the collision between racks and forklifts, improving safety and productivity

5. The lighting requirements are relatively low. Compared with other types of shelves, the overall investment is less.


Operation steps 

1. Inventory: the forklift will put the goods on the front end of the rack rail. The WAP-1 piercing vehicle operated by radio remote control can carry pallet goods and run on the guide rail.

2. Pickup: The WAP-1 wear cart moves the pallet deep in the shelf to the front of the shelf. Use a forklift to remove the pallet goods from the shelf.

3. Mobile WAP-1 Shuttle: A forklift can be used to place the instigator trolley in different lanes. Multiple roadways can share a WAP-1 shuttle. The number of WAP-1 piercing vehicles is determined by comprehensive factors such as the depth of the roadway, the total amount of goods, the shipment batch, and the shipment frequency.

This warehouse radio shuttle racking solution consists of a trolley pallet rack with a certain number of racks and a system that uses trolleys to pallet storage, transportation, and storage, and the space utilization rate is over 80%.


Parameters of radio shuttle rack

1. Load 1000 ~1500kg

2. Running speed: 1 m/s without load

3. Running speed: 0.8 m/s at full load

4. Power unit: lithium manganese battery or lithium battery

5. Rated voltage: 24V

6. Battery life: normal use time is greater than 8 hours

7. Sensing range: the remote control sensing range is 50 meters


warehouse radio systems

Radio shuttle racking system applicable industries

1. Large quantities and small samples: industries with large quantities of single products such as food, beverages, and chemicals, and relatively single items.

2. Cold storage operation: reduce low-temperature operation time, improve work efficiency and work safety.

3. Time limit management: warehouses that have strict requirements on batches of goods and require first-in-first-out operation management.

4. Increase storage capacity: storage space is limited, and the warehouse needs to maximize the use of space.


Delivery is 20 days after the contract is signed, and the packaging is tightened with a plastic steel tape and protected by stretch film to prevent the goods from tilting or bumping. After arriving at the customer site two days later, the workers arrived at the site for installation, and the installation was completed in a total of 15 days.


Project summary: Since Evergrande has not been handed over to the local government, it cannot be used for cooling and debugging. Later, after the local government invites investment, the user opens the warehouse and reduces it to minus 20 degrees to arrange for debugging.


The pictures of the on-site installation radio shuttle racking system are attached below.

radio shuttle rack

radio shuttle racking system

shuttle racking system

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