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Pallet Shuttle Rack

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The pallet shuttle racking system for industrial warehouse storage is a cousin of the other deep storage systems such as pallet live and drive-in. In the sense that it stores pallets on rails rather than on beams and gives high floor space utilization at the expense of selectivity. Shuttle racking is an excellent option for high-density storage if you have a low roof. The remote-controlled shuttles carry goods in and out of deep storage tunnels, allowing you to reduce your number of aisles and save space.

1. What is pallet shuttle racking system

The pallet shuttle system is a new generation of high-density storage racking system that max storage utilization and working efficiency. It is composed of racking, radio shuttle, and forklift. The shuttle pallet is remotely controlled by the user and moved from one storage lane to another by the forklift operator. It moves goods independently through the lane manually or automatically optimizing storage, loading, and unloading stages. 
The forklift sets the load on the top of the radio shuttle which then moves along the track to deposit the load in the right position. Several sensors accurately control the radio shuttle. The forklift operator easily gives the orders for all entry and exit movements using a remote control device. The warehouse radio systems is a semi-automated storage and retrieval system that allows for maximum use of warehouse space. 

2. Main parts of the pallet shuttle system

● Loading: The forklift puts the pallet in the outer position of the channel. WAP-1 shuttle car, operated by radio remote control can transport pallets along the guiding rails.

● Picking: Shuttle transports pallets out from the deepest part of the channel to the front for the forklift to pick.

● Shuttle: Shuttles can be placed in different channels by forklifts, and multiple channels can share one shuttle. The quantity of shuttles is determined by factors such as channel depth, the total amount of goods, batch shipment, stock-in, and stock-out frequency, etc.

3. How does the warehouse shuttle system work?

At the heart of the advanced warehouse shuttle system is the radio shuttle car. The low-profile car is designed to conveniently pass underneath pallets. Pallets are stored on specially designed pallet racking that is outfitted with guide rails and tracks to accommodate the radio shuttle car. This warehouse solution consists of a trolley pallet rack with a certain number of racks and a system that uses trolleys to store, transport, and store pallets. The space utilization rate is over 80%!

1. Inventory: The forklift puts the goods on the forefront of the guide rails of the shelf aisle, and the WAP-1 shuttle operated by radio remote control can carry pallet goods on the guide rails.

2. Pickup: The WAP-1 shuttle moves the pallet deep in the shelf to the front end of the shelf, and uses a forklift to remove the pallet from the shelf.

3. Mobile WAP-1 shuttle: The shuttle trolley can be placed in different lanes by a forklift, and multiple lanes can share a WAP-1 shuttle. The number of WAP-1 shuttles is determined by comprehensive factors such as the depth of the roadway, the total amount of goods, the shipment batch, and the frequency of shipments. 

4. The Types of pallet runner rack system

● Combined shuttle racking: Combined shuttle racking system is a full automatic intensive storage system that consists of a month-and-child shuttle, guide rail, racking, hoist, pallet conveyor, automatic control system, RWCS, and WMS. 

● Shuttle and Bridge stacking system: Intelligent shuttle collaborate with warehouse stacker in WCS planes. They will manage the whole position together, which will largely increase the management range of stackers. 

● Multi-level Shuttle warehouse system: Traditional multi-level warehouse system, is one single level add on another in the case to make full use of space. Due to the high loading requirement of building floors, it leads to high cost and waste of space in height.

5. Advantages of warehouse pallet shuttle systems

1) Save space

● Store more pallets deep, since channels can stand more than 131 ft high. The maximum verticality is determined by the handling equipment used.
● The system works with minimal clearances between levels, which permits high-density storage.
● Built-in sensors on the shuttles help position loads intelligently, eliminating empty spaces in the storage lanes. As a result, the effective capacity of the warehouse (which considers goods flowing in and out of the warehouse) reflects its physical capacity.

2) Save time

● Loading and unloading times are reduced since the operator does not have to move around inside the lanes.
● The shuttle can travel at speeds of 295 ft/min when empty, or 148 ft/min when loaded.
● Load lifting cycle of just 2 seconds.
● With just a single command, the shuttle can progressively fill or empty a whole lane.

3) Increased productivity

● More goods flowing in and out of the warehouse.
● Unlike standard drive-in systems, items can be grouped by channels, rather than requiring a full lane. Greater product diversification is the result.
● Optimization of operator movements through the product-to-person system, i.e., the load that moves to the operator.
● While the pallet shuttle carries out a command, the operator collects another pallet, achieving continuous workflows.
● Depending on temperature and load conditions, the shuttle can operate up to 10 hours, working at full performance.
● The easy-access lithium batteries have fast connections, making them cable-free. So, battery units can be changed quickly without interrupting the operational cycle.

4) Elimination of errors

● The shuttle rack system is easy to use and maintain.
● A single tablet can control up to 18 shuttles.
● Inventory function means the shuttle counts how many pallets are stored in a channel.

5) Cost savings

These benefits, combined with its efficient energy use, lead to immediate cost savings, making the Pallet Shuttle one of the most cost-effective compact storage systems around.

6) Versatility

● The shuttle has built-in sensors that enable different types of pallets to be detected and handled.
● All shuttles can operate in LIFO or FIFO mode. The operator simply selects the mode they wish to work with from the tablet.
● The shuttle platform is designed to carry pallets that have a 1-inch max. buckling limit.
● Any type of forklift can be used to handle the shuttle.
● Handle up to 3,307 lbs per pallet.
● Install the Easy WMS management system
● System Easy WMS on any compatible operator tablet.
● As a scalable system, it is easy to increase the number of shuttles in operation to match increasing productivity needs.

7) Safety

● Thanks to the way that the structure is built, and given that forklifts do not need to drive into the shuttle racks, the risk of accidents is practically non-existent. The metallic bays are not damaged, thus maintenance is kept to a minimum.
● A user management feature prevents unauthorized personnel from operating the shuttles.
● Both the racking and the shuttles have built-in safety features specifically designed to ensure the Pallet Shuttle system operates correctly: rail end stops, pallet centralizers, position sensors, etc.

6. The pallet runner rack system parameter

1. Load capacity: General 1000-1500kg;
2. No-load running speed: 0.7-0.9 M / s;
3. Full load running speed: 0.6-0.8 M / s;
4. Power source: usually lithium manganese battery;
5. Charging battery life: more than 8 hours;
6. Remote sensing distance: 50 meters;

7. Who are the users of the shuttle racking system?

1. Garment Industry Warehouse
2. Textile industry
3. Pharmaceutical industry warehouse
4. Footwear Industrial Warehouse
5. Logistics company
6. Other

The radio shuttle racking system is ideal to store high-density palletized references and mass storage products. Using it considerably reduces the maneuvering times for each operation and optimizes the storage capacity available with compact systems. The warehouse radio systems are an ideal choice.

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