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Warehouse Rack Technology Continues To Advance

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  warehouse rack technology continues to advance, shuttle shelves, electric shelves, automated three-dimensional library, and other types of products have entered the warehouse rack industry. At present the logistics industry, manufacturing industry, food, pharmaceutical industry, automation, integrated warehouse rack demand is also increasing. This requires warehouse rack enterprises not only to non-automatic, non-intelligent shelf performance, but also for the market demand for continuous improvement of intelligent, automated warehouse rack.

  After several years of transition and development, the current warehouse rack industry has formed a certain scale, Jiuwei shelf analysis that the current situation of the development of warehouse rack industry has the following aspects:

  1. Warehouse shelves market, sales, production full prosperity

  In recent years, the demand for warehouse rack industry more and more widely, especially in the automotive, home appliances, books, medicine, retail, food and refrigeration and other industries to develop relatively fast, single project warehouse rack demand is also growing.

  2. warehouse rack new applications gradually expanded

  Summary of sales experience analysis that 80% of the new automatic storage warehouse rack are about 20 meters high, and modular warehouse rack have become the leading structure of high-level warehouse rack, welded warehouse rack continue to reduce the application. In order to meet the storage of special items of frozen warehouse rack, anti-static warehouse rack of the application areas are gradually expanding.

  3. Enterprise internal strength is generally enhanced

  Now the enterprises generally pay attention to design and calculation, the inherent quality of warehouse rack and installation quality, attention to marketing work. Found that some enterprises continue to expand reproduction, the new advanced equipment, personnel quality, research and development and innovation, the scale of enterprises has grown, greatly enhanced the entire storage rack industry production capacity. Some enterprises in order to enter the international market, has been piloting international standards, to proceed with the international standard certification.

  4. User demand tends to rational

  In the construction of the logistics center of tobacco commercial circulation, the construction of the logistics center is composed of automatic sorting and code, stacking, high warehouse rack and railroad roadway stacking machine. Analysis of this model that the storage area of the storage area of high utilization, high degree of automation and information, security is good, in the economically developed central city more suitable.

  5. Low price competition and its hidden dangers

  In recent years, low-cost competition in the warehouse rack market has intensified. Warehouse shelves to withstand the production and time to bear the test, too low offer can only disrupt the normal price system and eventually collapse their own business.

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