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The Warehouse Rack Has Tended To A Steady Stage

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  The warehouse rack has tended to a steady stage. The current type of shelf, quality, function of automation is the key. China's shelf industry in the production and use of the lack of uniform standards, so that the impact of the development of the industry. To solve this problem, there are six shelf industry standard formal project, two national standard publicity preparation project.

  Play understanding: in the standard preparation work need to solve the following questions: First, we must grasp a few basic things, the shelf standards, warehouse rackthe most basic there are two problems: one is the size, one is the quality and cost Balance, to penetrate the entire shelf standard "soul" in the. Any standard must have a basic structure, not too large, refining the concept to be appropriate in the entire standard system in a position, the basic concept to be clear, in the development of standards to be simple, not complicated, warehouse rack because the standard is mature Technology is summarized and extracted; the second is to learn and learn from international standards, the framework of the international standard as their own framework to learn their ideas and methods; warehouse rack third is to strengthen the collection of basic information to strengthen research, especially quantitative standards, Attention should be paid to the study of classic cases. In fact, the power of the supply chain has been transferred from the core of the chain to the consumer, the chain of retailers, distributors, manufacturers are closely watching the changes in the shelves, warehouse rack so many companies have realized that the need to quickly improve the entire supply chain The operational efficiency.

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