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The Stability Of Warehouse Rack And The Prevention Of Process Problems

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  The stability of warehouse rack and the prevention of process problems

  1, the stability of the warehouse rack.

  The stability of the shelf has always been one of the key issues in the design of the warehouse steel structure, which is the first consideration for all shelves. The extensive application of shelf steel structure system highlights the importance and urgency of stability research. There are many uncertainties in the design, construction and use of the warehouse steel structure, so it is necessary to introduce reliability analysis.

  2, select the warehouse for the characteristics of storage shelves.

  Choose the shelf must choose the characteristics of your warehouse, so before buying, must be their own, or ask the professionals first plan, tailored for you, so that your warehouse utilization will be greatly increased, but also make possible future The likelihood of the problem will drop to a minimum.

  3, process problems.

  warehouse rack after the black pieces should be through the degreasing, rust, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and other links. The quality of the powder is also excellent points. In general, each shelf company has a standard color, spray standard color is generally low cost. If you use a special color, change the powder will increase the duration, a waste of powder, so the cost will be relatively high. Set up a shelf group, the formation of a reasonable structure of the shelf industry. From the development of developed countries, the transport industry through competition, mergers and strong combination, on the one hand the formation of a small number of large, large group of enterprises to focus on the use of modern science and technology and modern management tools to provide high quality services to meet the community Demand, to resist risks, leading the development of new trends in the industry; the other hand, the screening of a large number of flexible operation of small businesses, pick up Que, to meet the needs of all levels of society, while increasing social employment opportunities. This adjustment, the final development of the developed countries to form a small number of large, large transport enterprises and a large number of small private transport enterprises coexist stable structure. Nearly two decades, the development of Western developed countries, a significant feature of the development of a large number of large, large enterprises quickly rise, the formation of the developed countries in the mainstream of the transport industry and the international transport market, the dominant force, they are developed countries The rapid growth of the service industry is an important supportive force. China should be through the market mechanism to capital as a link to speed up the formation of a number of modern large-scale enterprises, to face the needs of China's shelf services, the formation of China's new framework for new enterprises. Storage shelves of the purchase is the most concerned about the vast number of consumers a problem. warehouse rack of the main function is used to store the goods, a lot of time do not need the same as other goods, blindly pay attention to the appearance of storage shelves requirements.

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