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Talking About The Four Principles Of Optimizing Warehouse Rack Design

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Talking about the Four Principles of Optimizing warehouse rack Design

  Competition between peers In addition to quality, price, warehouse rack the service is the most important, and warehouse rack required to provide the service is not only installed, as well as the overall design of the warehouse. The following are the main principles of the optimal warehouse shelf design.

  1, in line with the needs of goods storage, cargo-based principle. warehouse rack of the most basic function is to store the goods, that design warehouse rack planning program before the goods must be all aspects of understanding, including shape, size, weight, whether the need for card and other data. As for the source of these data can be provided by the customer, but also by the designer field visits.

  2, warehouse structure and related equipment, all-round understanding of the principle. Warehouse structure, warehouse area, warehouse type, the warehouse of the channel, the total effective warehouse height, warehouse pillars, warehouse ground, warehouse fire facilities. Related equipment, forklifts, stacking machines, elevators and so on. Need to pay special attention to is the forklift required aisle, turn length and so on to understand.

  3, the maximum use of the inherent space, increase the storage of the principle. I believe that the vast majority of enterprises in the purchase of shelves before the warehouse inputs have been formed a fixed size, then, in order to effectively reduce the cost of storage, to maximize the economic benefits, this principle is the most important.

  4, the effective circulation of goods, the principle of effective management. The management of goods, carefully listen to the customer management of goods, the development of warehouse rack reasonable layout plan. Cargo flow, is the manual access, or mechanical access, crossing the situation, first-in first out, warehouse rack the whole into the whole and so on.

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