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Loft Shelf What Is The Use Of Cantilever Racking?

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Loft Shelf What is the use of Cantilever Racking? Do you have any references? Here today, I'd like to talk about the knowledge and use of the Cantilever Racking of heavy-duty shelves and loft shelves. Cantilever Racking: Cantilever Racking are mainly used for storing long materials. such as profiles, tubes, plates, cables and so on. Such shelves are used in machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets.

  The Cantilever rack column adopts H-section or cold-rolled steel, and the cantilever adopts square tube, cold-rolled section steel or H-beam (I-beam). The cantilever and the column are connected by a plug or a bolt, and the base is connected with the column, and the base is made of cold-rolled or H-shaped steel. The cargo access is carried out by forklift truck, driving or manual.

  The height of the shelves is usually within 2.5 meters (if the forklift can access the goods up to 6 meters), the cantilever length within 1.5 meters, each arm load is usually within 1000kg. The size is usually tailored to your needs. Loft-style shelf work knowledge and use: Attic shelves are designed to make full use of limited space and the shelves of attic form. Heavy-duty shelves in general, attic shelves full modular structure is mainly composed of special steel-type slab, its advantages are simple structure, reasonable, Cantilever Racking low cost, and construction quickly.

  That is to say, the real meaning can help enterprises to improve economic efficiency.

  Attic Shelf features include the following two aspects:

  1, attic shelves suitable for storage of many varieties of small quantities of goods, heavy-duty shelves to make full use of space.

  2, three-dimensional strong, materials for high-quality carbon structural steel, internal quality, Cantilever Racking bearing performance, appearance are very superior.

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