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How To Choose The Right Shelf Correctly

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  How to choose the right shelf correctly

  How to correctly choose the right shelves? Many people do not know how to choose the right shelves, the following we will come to the details of the next bar

  1, the layout of the shelves of the skills of the layout of the shelves is a very difficult work, the composition of the channel directly determines the flow of customers. Regardless of the use of vertical cross, diagonal cross, radial, free flow or direct layout and other methods, should be changes in the contents of the operation to retain some flexibility in order to adjust the shelf arrangement with the need. Modern integrated shopping malls are generally used in the layout of the shelves are combined, only some small stores will adopt a fixed model.

  2, the distance between the shelves to control the distance between the shelves should also be a good grasp, must ensure the smooth flow of passengers. Under normal circumstances, small shops facing the door to set the shelf is the usual method. And large-scale stores will be based on the size of the store to form the flow of people to run the size of the species to measure a reasonable distance, the main channel should generally be between 1.6 to 4.5 meters, sub-channel is not less than 1.2-2 meters.

  3, according to the design of goods according to various types of goods to design shelves, is the current business hall design a direction of effort.

  The particularity of the commodity is mainly manifested in whether it can be stacked, hanging, vertical release, horizontal, bulk, etc., some of the goods on the temperature, light more sensitive to the use of glass shelves, some precious commodities on the shelf security measures are special Requirements, some customers can directly contact the goods, the design is more to provide customers with adequate convenience. Traditional Chinese medicine shop drawer-style shelves, cultural relics shop Bogutian shelves, bookstore platform shelves, fruit shop box shelves, clothing store boom shelves, are based on the characteristics of their respective varieties to design.

  The design of the shelves should ensure that the goods are displayed on the shelves of the appropriate area and space, so that the goods can be effectively arranged in a horizontal arrangement to show the different varieties, vertical display of the same varieties of different specifications and grades. The appropriate space not only for the vertical arrangement of goods, but also for the sales staff shelves, delivery, cleaning to facilitate.

  The same store, shelf shape should be basically unified, the purpose is to create a neat, orderly environment, to provide a good atmosphere for shopping.

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