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  • 2021-01-11

    7 Minutes to Understand the Steel Storage Cage

    Steel storage cages also called warehouse cages and butterfly cages, are a very important type of logistics container in storage and transportation. It has the advantages of fixed storage capacity, neat stacking, clear storage, and convenient inventory counting. It also improves the effective utiliz

  • 2020-08-24

    The Attention Points for Installing High Storage Warehouse Shelves in the E-commerce Industry

    With the rapid development of e-commerce, the warehouse capacity is in serious shortage. E-commerce is characterized by a small number of orders or just a single project. However, in the previous warehouses, each product was processed in large quantities and then transported to physical stores acros

  • 2020-08-17

    The Advantages and Specifications of the Heavy Duty shelving System

    Heavy duty pallet rack has large bearing capacity, not easy to deform, reliable connection, easy disassembly and diversification. To meet the storage and centralized management needs of a large number of goods and various varieties, with the help of mechanical handling tools, the storage and handlin

  • 2020-08-10

    How to Calculate the Warehouse Pallet Shelving Systems Price?

    When purchasing commercial shelving systems, the biggest problem is how to calculate the price. How to give preferential treatment while meeting the bearing capacity and meet the user demand. If you want to know the warehouse pallet shelves price, the first thing is to sure which kind of storage she

  • 2020-08-03

    The Characteristics of the Selective Beam Rack

    The selective beam rack is divided into two categories, one is a P-type beam, the other is Box Beam. The following is a detailed introduction by Weida:P-type beamThe P-beam is mainly for the cross-section of the shelf beam, because the cross-section of the shelf beam is P-shaped, which is mainly use

  • 2020-07-27

    How to Maintain the Mezzanine Racking System?

    The correct maintenance for the mezzanine racking system will make it used for ten years or even longer, but some customers have no concept of how to properly maintain mezzanine platform products. Now, we will take you to learn more about the proper maintenance ways of the mezzanine structure. Main

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