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Inner Mongolia Cold Storage Shuttle Rack

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Project Information: A Potato Technology Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia.

The company is a leading agricultural industrialization enterprise specializing in potato seed potato breeding, commercial potato production, and potato deep processing. The company has built a modern potato storage warehouse and a full flour processing plant with a storage capacity of 60,000 tons.

Customer Address: Inner Mongolia

Item Type: Cold storage radio shuttle racking system

Project background: Due to the year-on-year increase in sales, troubles also follow. The company needs a large amount of land storage, personnel management, and a large number of workers to operate. In an internal meeting, the five words ‘centralized management’ was mentioned, which means the same amount of storage. Can it be stored in a small area? This will naturally reduce the use of personnel.


After the project manager heard the customer’s explanation, he first realized that ‘centralized management’ was the customer’s fundamental requirement. In a few simple words, the project manager repeatedly simulates the plan and repeatedly conducts data analysis, in order to make it clear to the customer whether it is worth investing in the shelf.


Scheme design: The characteristic of shuttle shelves is automation. The loading and unloading of goods are all operated by trolleys, which greatly reduces the use of personnel. Also, because there is no need for forklifts to work repeatedly, the area of the passage is greatly reduced, and it meets all the needs of customers.

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