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Why we use shelves

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Why we use shelves
     Shelf is the shelf to store the goods
     With  the development of society, enterprises continue to increase production  and expansion, companies also began to standardize the warehouse,  efficient,
Shelves are therefore one of the most important tools for modernizing warehouses and increasing efficiency.
     Shelf storage equipment for storing items
     1. Shelves can make full use of space, improve storage capacity utilization, storage capacity expansion.
     2. Shelf storage of goods, not squeezing each other to reduce the damage to the goods.
     3 shelves of goods, easy access, easy statistics.
     4. To ensure the quality of goods, you can do moisture, dust, anti-theft, anti-vandal and other measures.
     5. Shelves put the goods in good order, so that customers at a glance, the conversation with customers.

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