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Which performance of the shuttle is necessary for the shuttle car racking system

- Jun 01, 2018 -

1, After the shuttle car receives the save order, it can send the pallet to the deepest position in the tunnel.

2. Pair remote control with shuttle car: Each remote control can control up to 8 shuttles. You can select shuttle car function through the control panel of remote control and select the shuttle car to be used.

3, continuous tray function: You can set two consecutive functions.

4. Tally function (Limited to first-in, first-out shelf mode): After accepting ordering instructions, shuttles will be placed in the first-in, first-out shelf pallets and transported one by one to the outlet.

5, inventory function: shuttle car running back and forth in the lane, you can count the number of lanes in the laneway by installing an RFID reader in the shuttle, scan the RFID chip in the tray, read the relevant data, and transmit it to the WMS.

6, low battery alarm function: configure the L1, L2 power indicator at the front and rear of the shuttle board respectively, realize different colors according to the power situation, protect itself when the battery power is lower than the set power, and the shuttle car does not accept the command and return automatically. At the end of the entrance, the power indicator flashes to prevent the shuttle car from completing the job due to insufficient battery power.

7, manual mode function: shuttle car remote control panel to set the manual mode button area, can be completed: manual low speed forward; manual low speed back; manual jacking; manual drop; automatic switching manual mode, automatic mode.

8, Emergency stop button: Emergency stop button is configured on the shuttle remote controller. In any case, after pressing this button, the corresponding shuttle car will automatically stop after accepting the instruction, no longer execute any command, etc. The function of the shuttle bus is so Powerful, so the shelf is also much more demanding on its analysis, that is, the effect of automation can be achieved without the high cost of automatic shelf shelves.

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