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What kind of warehouse rack are suitable for the food industry

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  What kind of warehouse rack are suitable for the food industry

  Food companies are different from other industries when choosing warehouse rack, because food has a certain time shelf life, customers will require the first deposit in the access to the goods can be taken out first, to ensure the freshness of food, reduce the resulting food expired shelf life, etc., and a lot of food belongs to consumer goods, the demand is larger, so the frequency of shipments will be relatively high.

  Therefore, the general design for the food industry to choose warehouse rack when the requirements can not only meet the advanced goods first out, but also must be able to achieve high shipping frequency requirements. So what are the warehouse rack that satisfy these two requirements?

  The following are two main types: through-type shelves and shuttle-type shelves.

  Through-type racking

  Through-type shelves for many of the need to plan the shelves of small and medium-sized food industry's choice, on the one hand it can meet the enterprise's advanced product first out of the requirements, on the other hand, as in the beam-type shelf based on the development of the through-type shelves, enterprise input cost is not too high, basically is the scope of small and medium-sized enterprises can accept; In addition, with the development and growth of enterprises, later if the need to improve storage efficiency and utilization rate, you can carry out the transformation of rack-type shelves, on this basis to upgrade to shuttle-type shelves, Thus saving money, greatly reducing the waste of input costs.

  Shuttle Racking

  Shuttle-style shelves for the food industry is not unfamiliar, especially in the past two years more and more large-scale food enterprises choose shuttle-style shelves. Shuttle shelf Work principle and through-type shelves have similarities, are the car into the shelves inside warehouse rack, the difference is that the shuttle-type shelves used is the shuttle car, and through-type shelves are still the traditional sense of the forklift. The cost of the shuttle-type shelves upfront is higher than that of ordinary shelves, but the cost of the shuttle and the cost of equipment maintenance is far lower than that of the ordinary shelves. Therefore, for the pursuit of long-term interests of your life, the shuttle bus rack is necessarily the best choice.

  In addition to the through-type shelves and shuttle shelves, other types of shelves, such as laminate shelves, cross-beam shelves, etc. also in the food industry has applications, the current mainstream is still through-type shelves and shuttle-type shelves.

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