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What is the standard for dense storage shelf production?

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Shelf, everyone knows, such as the storage shelves used in the home or the shelves used in the supermarket, these are our common shelves. However, the shelves used in warehousing and transportation are not ordinary shelves, but dense storage shelves, which can store many items and use space reasonably.


For dense storage shelves, you may not know very well. In fact, the only difference between dense storage shelves and ordinary shelves is the tighter design, which can design the most reasonable placement space to ensure better placement of goods. However, the reason why dense storage shelves can achieve the desired results is mainly because of their production standards. Let's take a look at the standards for dense storage shelves.


1.Space plausibility

When the shelf is produced, it is necessary to understand the space, and each space can be reasonably divided, so that the shelf has more storage space. If you do not pay attention to the rationality of space division when making shelves, then the shelf value of the production will not be very high and cannot meet the needs of use.


2. Maximize the use

The biggest advantage of dense storage shelves is the maximization of space. Space for us, there is no practical concept, how big the space is, we don't know, but when making the shelf, the space calculation is the volume of the shelf, so as to maximize the use of the shelf space to meet the needs of use.


3. Automation

Dense storage shelves are not only shelves, but also have a dense storage system, which can automatically store and calculate goods. The operator can clearly understand the storage of goods through the computer. The practical value of the shelves is extremely high, which can bring more efficiency to the enterprise. work.

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