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What is a drop-in shelfing

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Drive-in rack means the storage of the tray from the inside out one by one. Forklift access to the same channel, storage density is very good. However, access is poor, not easy to do first-in first-out management. As  the forklift truck in the entire walk in the walk is required to be  careful operator, 4-15 floors into the shelves as appropriate. [1]


Drive-in shelves are characterized by:



    High storage density, poor access.

     Suitable for a small amount of items stored.

     Height up to 10rn.

     Access to items by the write-off location of the order, not easy to be FIFO.

     Not suitable for too long or too heavy goods.

  • Entry shelves size development standards [2]

  • Into the shelf size to develop standards as shown.

  • Into the shelf size to develop standards

  • (A) The distance between the load and cantilever, C1 ≧ 150mm

  • (B) Tray and strut spacing, C ≧ 80mm

  • (C) Pallet and cantilever width, E = C + 50mm

  • (D) Cantilever length, L = C + E


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