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What is a cantilever racking

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Cantilever  racking are mainly composed of column, cantilever, connecting rod and  other components of the shelf, which is characterized by lightweight  cantilevered forward structure, strong load, the storage of irregular or  long pole pieces of material, can greatly enhance the warehouse Utilization and efficiency, the cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided.
It  increases the wood or steel grating, especially for small space, low  density of the Treasury, easy management, wide field of vision. Widely used in mechanical processing and building materials supermarket industry.
Cantilever rackingTIM截图20171129083444.png

Column, cantilever, connecting rod

Lightweight structure, heavy load


Cantilever  is a type of storage shelves category, the use of special columns, with  high strength cantilever, suitable for storing a variety of long  material, ring material, sheet and irregular materials. Its  cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided, with light weight, good  load capacity, single-arm load up to 1000kg. Special reinforced column  structure, can withstand 2000 ~ 3000kg pressure. Raise the overall design of the back shelf to increase the overall stability, easy installation, complete accessories. Combined  structure, special profile column, the design of the back to increase  stability, with high-strength cantilever (arm can be single or double),  with a lightweight structure, good load capacity, space utilization is  high; plus shelves, especially Suitable for small space, low height of the Treasury, easy management,  wide field of vision, compared with the average shelf shelves, higher  utilization rate; According to the carrying capacity can be divided into  light, medium and heavy weight three.
1,  the use of square tube production: Cantilever Rack According to the  corresponding requirements of the cantilever layer, first meet the  requirements of layer loading square tube, cut into the required size, a  welded skid plate, the other end welded U-shaped column connector Made from.
2,  the use of C-shaped steel production: Cantilever Rack According to the  corresponding requirements of the cantilever layer, the first selection  of C-beam specifications, the selected after the two C-beam butt  welding, after welding a skid-proof guard on the other end of the  welding Connect the U-post connector.
Cantilever  shelf column and column between the connecting rod connection, the  connecting rod is generally made of rectangular tube. In order to increase the safety and stability, add a flat iron back to  the connecting rod to pull a special pull the column can be firmly  fastened.
3, all cantilever shelf parts are finished in the production of semi-finished products, will be the last one spray process. Before the shot blasting shot blasting degreasing, rust, and then spray. After the completion of the package delivery.

The scope of application
Suitable for storing long material, ring material, sheet, pipe and irregular goods.
Cantilever can be single or double, cantilevered shelves with  structural stability, good load capacity, space utilization and higher  characteristics.
Cantilevered shelves and more for the machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets. Add  a shelf, especially for small space, low height of the Treasury, easy  management, wide field of vision, utilization rate higher than the  average shelves. Cantilevered shelves in the traditional installation of the outer cantilever arm made, is a long-shaped shelves dedicated.

1, cantilevered shelves all series of modular, disassembly,  transportation, regulation, movement and other simple and convenient,  safe and reliable
2, using adjustable column, according to the actual need to adjust the  spacing between the partitions and increase or decrease the partition
3,  can fully improve the utilization of space, warehouse materials  management standardization, standardization, and stacker or forklift  matched, both to improve material flow efficiency, reduce storage costs,  increase economic efficiency, but also improve the mechanization of  material circulation , Reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions
4, the length of the cantilever rack according to the site situation, free combination

basic structure
Column  consists of two cold-rolled C-shaped profiles - the face of the welded  together, the column punched double row hole, the hole pitch of 140 (50)  mm, so hang up on the cantilever can be adjusted up and down the floor  of each layer . The  length of the cantilever shelf can be arbitrarily matched. Whether the  cantilever end needs the end or not can be specified by the customer.  The end is divided into welded and plugged.

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