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What are the principles and characteristics of shelf design

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Design principles and features:
1 First, consider the size of the warehouse, as well as the size, weight, size, etc. of the cargo, whether the forklift truck is convenient to handle, whether the forklift's impact will damage the shelves, and the protection of earthquake intensity;
2 Secondly, consider whether there is enough space between the goods on the shelves, whether fire exits are left, and whether the workers' operations are convenient and labor-saving.
3 Finally consider what steel to use, how the surface will be treated for rust prevention, and so on. While ensuring that the shelves meet the needs, the cost and cost of the shelves are reduced.
In addition, the following issues should also be considered:
1 The use requirements of the shelf, the nature of the load, whether it can meet all the requirements of the stored goods, whether the assembly is quick and easy, whether the loading and unloading of the articles is easy, etc., and whether the size and clearance of the shelves can meet the needs of the warehouse.
2 The pressure resistance and fire resistance of the shelf and the shockproof performance meet the requirements of the existing conditions in the warehouse. The locking device of the shelf is considered according to the category of the stored goods, such as bolt locking or screw fastening. If it is damaged, replacement is convenient and quick. . In addition, the four corners of the shelves should be fixed on the concrete foundation. Shelves and floors are to be embedded, or chemical bolts are used to fix them on the ground. This is designed for heavy-duty racks. This is because heavy-duty racks are heavy and fixed on the floor helps to keep shelves stable. tilt. In addition, it also helps to prevent shock, and at the same time, it can handle the impact of loading and unloading machinery on the shelves.
3 It is necessary to set up conspicuous marks on the shelves according to the type of goods, so as to make it easier for the staff to check for defects. The area of each label should not be less than 20 square centimeters. The sharpness and color of the font should be set according to the maximum unit load. The maximum load mark (in kilograms) for each floor, the maximum load allowed, the number of unit loads allowed per unit of storage, etc.

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