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What are the most commonly used materials for shelves?

- May 07, 2018 -

Shelves are a general vocabulary and contain many contents. So how many shelves are there in the market today? Divided from the material, roughly divided into the following categories:

1) Iron and steel shelves: This is the largest variety of products currently on the market. From warehousing to supermarkets, the sales volume of steel-based shelves is the largest. The reasons for this are the low price of raw materials for steel, excellent mechanical properties, and good processing performance. (such as weldability);

2) Wooden shelves, mostly used for household storage or supermarket display

3) Aluminum shelves: Due to their lightness and aesthetics, they are mostly used in supermarkets and have limited carrying capacity;

4) Alloy Shelves: An improved version of the aluminum shelf, which increases the carrying capacity, but the cost has also increased

5) Paper shelves: usually disposable products, used for supermarkets;

6) Plastic Shelves: Usually smaller in size, used to display or store some commonly used gadgets.

The shelves of these different materials, in addition to the metal shelves, are limited in other varieties, and the market demand is not high. With the development of human science and technology, perhaps one day, we can find another type that is cheaper and better. The material to replace the metal shelves.

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