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warehouse rack security problems can not be ignored

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  warehouse rack security problems can not be ignored, warehouse rack are generally carrying goods, less than hundreds of kg, more tons, if a quantity of security problems, light shelves collapse, heavy injury and turnover of warehouse workers, the consequences of unimaginable. Therefore, as a professional and responsible shelf company, we must avoid the issue of shelf safety from all aspects. What are the main factors that affect the safety of warehouse rack? The following will be from the design, manufacture, installation, use of warehouse rack to analyze the impact of storage shelf safety factors.

  First, warehouse rack in the early stages of design

  Design is the premise of production, but also the premise of installation and use. The design is rigorous and reasonable, can coordinate all aspects of the use of factors, related to the safe use of warehouse rack. During the design process, the main factors that affect the security of the late warehouse rack are:

  (1) To fully assess the storage shelf itself in terms of strength, stiffness and stability requirements. Design with reference to relevant standards;

  (2) Fully consider the height and width of warehouse rack and the connection and stability of warehouse building;

  (3) Full consideration of the physical and chemical characteristics of the stored goods on the warehouse rack.

  Second, warehouse rack manufacturing links

  The manufacturing phase relates to the quality of the warehouse rack, the experience of the users, the brand impact of the products, and one of the important factors for the safety of the warehouse rack. Manufacturing links, the main factors affecting the safety of warehouse rack are:

  (1) If the material specification does not conform to the design, it will lead to the weakening of the structural ability surface, causing the safety hidden trouble;

  (2) The warehouse rack of the painting process, such as inadequate treatment, light is the loss of patent paint, heavy impact on the internal structure;

  (3) Manufacturing warehouse rack precision and detail processing, resulting in the various groups of shelves and other links are not tight enough, easy to appear security problems.

  Third, warehouse rack installation and use of links

  warehouse rack general structure is relatively large, each part has more cohesion problems, the need for professional installation personnel to install. If the installation is not good, the situation is easy to appear. such as the installation of warehouse rack when the vertical column is not enough, the angle is not enough, the treatment will be bad for the overall warehouse rack adversely affected, there are, warehouse rack need safety accessories such as installation of nonstandard or position is not correct, will weaken the role of protection, the security is unfavorable. Warehousing personnel in the use of warehouse rack when the improper operation may also cause the safety of shelves, such as overweight discharge, strong impact on the warehouse rack, and so on, can make the shelf displacement or deformation to affect the safe use of shelves.

  Therefore, in order to ensure the safe use of warehouse rack, so that customers ease of use, our company attaches importance to each design, production, installation, acceptance of the link. From the start with customer communication needs, we are serious, rigorous attitude towards all the data and problems, fully consider the needs of customers, stand in the perspective of customers, improve storage space utilization. Manufacturing links, we regard the quality of products as their lifeline, never jerry-building, shoddy. In the installation acceptance link, we have our own professional installation team, to ensure that the shelves of each component between the solid connection. In the use of the link, we will give customers the use of shelves before the use of methods and precautions to explain, to avoid improper use of the accident caused by the safety.

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