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Three kinds of shelves

- May 04, 2018 -

Drive-in pallet rack

Combined structure, height can be adjusted. With various types of forklift trucks and pallets, the forklift can directly enter the shelf for each row of inventory area for operation, and is suitable for accessing large quantities and less variety of goods. We can make full use of storage area.

Gravity pallet rack

Modular structure, the shelf roadway designed to a certain degree of slope. Under the action of gravity, the pallet slides from the incoming end to the outgoing end, and the pallet is first-in-first-out. It is suitable for high-volume, low-variety goods and has high space utilization.

Tray type shelf

Also commonly known as beam-type shelves, or cargo-level shelves, usually heavy-duty racks, are most common in domestic storage racking systems.

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