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Three important issues to consider in planning warehouse rack

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Three important issues to consider in planning warehouse rack

  warehouse rack to the benefits of enterprises are increasingly recognized by enterprises, more and more enterprise warehouses have been using warehouse rack or planning warehouse rack. Planning warehouse rack, need to combine warehouse, goods, forklifts and other considerations. As a storage shelf manufacturer for more than 10 years, the following is a brief talk on the three important issues to consider when planning warehouse rack.

  1. Shelf Load

  The planning of warehouse rack depends on the storage shelf weight to determine each layer of load, and the entire shelf should also have a maximum heavy ceiling. On this, the state has a safety factor suggested standard, no mandatory, the higher the general safety factor, shelf life is longer, the cost will correspondingly increase, the shelf factory will be based on the actual design and selection.

  2. Stacking height

  Planning warehouse rack Taking into account is that the warehouse can use a net high, that is, the lowest barrier at the top of the warehouse (lighting system, etc.) to the bottom of the warehouse distance, rather than the highest height of the warehouse, this will affect the forklift operation efficiency. At the same time, each layer of cargo stacking height will also take into account, this directly affects the storage of goods and the location of the location of the size of the setting, reduce the rate of loss of goods.

  3. Forklift Operation Channel

  Planning warehouse rack, the library area in two, in the middle of the forklift Operation Channel, on both sides of the shelves, shelves and shelves between the empty job demand width, at the same time also consider the turning radius of forklifts, forklift work channel = minimum turning radius + front suspension (front wheel center delivery fork Distance) + cargo length +200mm, about 2.7 ~ 3.5, the smaller the channel is not easy to operate, the higher the demand for forklift drivers.

  These are the three key points to consider when planning warehouse rack, and there are more to be considered in design planning.

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