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The main factors affecting the warehouse rack price

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  The main factors affecting the warehouse rack price

  Customers in the procurement of warehouse rack in the process often like shop, often customers than the end price will ask why your home warehouse rack prices and not so much, the following said the impact of the warehouse rack prices of several important factors.

  1. warehouse rack types and specifications: Different types of warehouse rack prices must be different, for example, heavy-duty shelf prices are certainly higher than medium-sized shelves, this is due to different types of warehouse rack in the required and involved in the material, process, installation, transportation and other aspects are not the same; the same type of warehouse rack, specifications and sizes are different, the price is certainly not the same. For example, laminate shelf load 500KG and carry 100KG price certainly different, the larger the carrying capacity, the material used is also large, the same type of warehouse rack 2*0.6*2 meters must be more expensive than 1.5*0 6*2 meters, the larger the size, the more materials consumed.

  2. warehouse rack design and product quality: different warehouse rack companies in the technical level and production process differences, its warehouse rack price is bound to be different. A serious, responsible, professional shelf company will be combined with the actual needs of customers, the existing plant goods supporting equipment, all-round consideration, for customers to design a scientific and reasonable warehouse rack plan; In the production process, the production process, the use of raw materials and other manufacturers before the difference. warehouse rack design and product quality are the decisive factors affecting prices. Customers in the procurement of warehouse rack, I would like to remember a penny of the goods, select professional, regular shelf manufacturers, and can conduct field visits.

  3. warehouse rack Freight: warehouse rack transport is generally the choice of logistics, the closer the distance freight is lower, but can not be decided to purchase warehouse rack must choose from their nearest manufacturers, because freight often only accounted for a small portion of the total price of warehouse rack, design and quality is the warehouse rack price determinants.

  4. warehouse rack Delivery and completion: If the warehouse rack manufacturers normal delivery and completion of the period can not meet customer demand, customer project is more urgent, hope to be able to complete the project in a shorter time, then the inevitable project is rising, manufacturers need to reconfigure all aspects of resources to ensure delivery and completion of the period, warehouse rack prices will naturally rise.

  5. warehouse rack Installation Difficulty: The installation difficulty mainly manifests in the labor cost and the time cost. Some large-scale warehouse rack project installation to complete the required labor and time is certainly higher. A simple amount of less labor and time cost is certainly less for the installation of the warehouse rack items.

  6. warehouse rack manufacturers provide services: service and no service, the General Service and quality service, the price is certainly not the same. Believe that most customers are more willing to spend a little more money to obtain better pre-market after-sales service, rather than save a little money to the use and maintenance of the later buried hidden dangers.

  7. warehouse rack Market demand: the warehouse rack market demand is exuberant, when the price of supply exceeds the natural higher; oversupply, weak consumption overproduction, shelf companies between fierce competition, prices naturally lower

  8. Tax: National tax rates are also an important factor in market prices.

  The above is to determine the warehouse rack prices of the main factors, customers in the procurement of warehouse rack can be referenced, including the largest warehouse rack price impact factors are design solutions and product quality.

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