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The main difference between traditional warehousing and modern warehousing

- Sep 05, 2018 -

The main difference between the traditional warehousing industry and the modern warehousing industry

(1) The traditional warehousing industry has a relatively simple function, mainly for the custody of goods according to the entrustment of the owner. The warehousing industry of modern logistics has developed to both the owner (supplier) and the purchaser. It has many functions in the inspection and acceptance, sorting, distribution, labeling, repackaging and other circulation processing, and is more humanized.

(2) The degree of modernization, socialization, networkization, and informatization of the traditional warehousing industry is very low, and most of them are regionalized, and each warehouse is its own and has no interaction. The warehousing industry of modern logistics should be able to provide a full range of services to the whole society, such as: 

1、selecting and providing reasonable storage points for customers; 

2、assisting customers in selecting inventory functions and inventory strategies; 

3、implementing control and inventory plans for customers; 

4、assist customers to develop distribution demand plans; 5 provide information services to customers and so on.

(3) The traditional warehousing industry has low requirements for warehouses. Modern warehouses are divided into different warehouses depending on the type of goods being stored. Storage shelves are also more detailed. Such as beam-type shelves, drive-in shelves, cantilevered shelves, loft-style shelves, gravity-type shelves, mold racks, medium-sized shelves and lightweight shelves. Not only makes the layout of the warehouse more reasonable and fully utilizes the storage space, but also improves the efficiency of the work, making the access of goods and sorting more convenient.

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