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The main advantage of using shuttle shelves system

- Dec 04, 2017 -

The main advantage of China's shelves-shuttle shelves system is to improve the operating efficiency of cargo handling. Because  the operation of the shuttle relative to the operation of the forklift  easier and easier for the use of operators to improve work efficiency. Nanjing shelves - can greatly improve the warehouse volume ratio. For  example: the general import shelves into a shuttle shelves system, the  original warehouse area utilization can be increased by 30%. Of course, each project requires professional engineers to make rational planning according to specific conditions. Can make the entire shelf system more stable. In  the transformation of the entry-type shelves shuttle shelves system,  due to the use of beams to connect the various shelves, the entire shelf  system more stable. Nanjing  shelves - If the enterprise into the shelves into a shuttle shelves  system, to maximize the use of the original shelf system, greatly  reducing the cost of reform. Because  the general structure of these two types of shelf system is the same,  the transformation is relatively simple, only need to use beams to  connect the original shelves together, paving the track between the  shelves, with the shuttle instead of the original drive-in truck It's fine

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