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The difference between heavy storage shelves VS medium storage shelves

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Heavy storage shelves and medium-sized storage shelves only one word difference, then what is the difference between the two. As the name implies, heavy storage shelves heavier, usually carrying  more than 1 ton each floor, medium-sized storage shelves lighter, each  carrying 250 to 800KG addition, the heavy storage shelves and  medium-sized storage shelves there are three shows the difference.

1. The composition of the structure
Medium-sized  storage shelves are mainly composed of beams, columns and laminates for  storage of relatively small items, and sometimes need to consider the  fragmentation of small objects storage, carton or parts box can be  designed on the container, beautiful; heavy storage shelves mainly Components for the columns and beams, used to store pallet cargo,  cargo rack size according to the storage target and the size of the tray  to design, and in order to avoid forklift collision shelves, will add  some crash posts, crash barriers and other accessories.

2 shelf height
Medium-sized  storage shelves are usually manually access to goods, the shelf height  is more artificial height and height can be considered, mostly more than  3 meters; heavy storage shelves are usually accessed by the forklift  truck, the main shelf height Consider the warehouse can use the net height and the height of the  forklift can lift more than 3 meters, and some high heavy shelves up to  ten meters.
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3. Installation and removal
Medium-sized  storage shelves load capacity in general, the installation can be  placed directly in accordance with the layout of the drawings can be  planted in the demolition of the convenience and speed, the general  customer control drawings can be installed on their own demolition, very  convenient; heavy storage shelf load capacity and high heights ,  In order to ensure shelf stability and safety, drilling holes need to  be installed, with the expansion bolts to the shelf fixed to the ground,  the expansion bolts need to be disassembled, so the installation of  heavy storage shelves by a professional shelf installer To be done.

These  three points is a significant difference between heavy storage shelves  and medium-sized storage shelves, to figure out these three points, I  believe you must understand your warehouse in the end is suitable for  what kind of storage shelves.

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