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The advantages and disadvantages of steel platform

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  The advantages and disadvantages of steel platform

  Modern steel structure platform has various forms and functions. Its structure is characterized by a fully assembled structure, flexible design, according to different site conditions to design and manufacture in accordance with the requirements of the site, the use of functional requirements and to meet the logistics requirements of the steel platform. It is widely used in modern storage.

  Today's social land becomes more and more precious, more scarce, how to place in the limited space as many goods as possible, steel platform is a problem many businesses consider. With the development of the Times, the use of steel has been very common, steel production-oriented structure, is one of the most important structural types. Steel structure with its own characteristics, will be the world.

  First, the steel is characterized by its own high strength, light weight, stiffness, it is used to build large-span and ultra-high, steel platform super heavy buildings are particularly suitable;

  Secondly, the material homogeneity and isotropy of steel structure are ideal elastomer, which is the basic assumption of general engineering mechanics, and is the ideal building material for this few.

  Third, its material plasticity, toughness is good, can have the big deformation, therefore can withstand the dynamic load very well. Many large buildings are mainly steel structures.

  Its four, construction period is short, a 300 square meters of construction, only need five people, 30 working days, can from construction to decorate in a short period of one months to do. Save cost, save time, steel platform Thrifty Labor!

  Its five, the steel structure building's industrialization degree is high, the mechanization degree is high, may carry on the specialized production, enhances the work efficiency, reduces the construction difficulty. and the current high speed energy-saving society is very consistent.

  Its six, the shortcoming is the fire resistance and the decay resistance is poor.

  The steel structure is mainly used for the load-bearing skeleton of heavy-duty workshop, the structure of the powerhouse, the structure of the plate and shell, the tower and the mast structure, the bridge and the storehouse, steel platform the high-rise and super high-rise buildings.

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