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Teach you how to choose the best price, good quality Chinese shelves?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

As we all know, there are more Chinese shelves manufacturers, but the  amount of how to choose a cheaper and better quality Chinese shelves is  not so easy.
The  purpose of users to purchase Chinese shelves is to increase the  effective use of space to expand the above space, saving storage costs,  the effective management of the items. Targeted choice of storage shelves is conducive to the improvement of storage efficiency. However, there are many kinds of storage shelves shelves, China's shelves and diverse models. Here are some of the problems often encountered when purchasing shelves:
A:  Before purchasing a Nanjing shelf, the enterprise should consider  whether the characteristics of the purchased shelf match the needs of  its own warehouse. There  are differences in the use of different space shelves, of course, in  general, the use of storage space and storage access is the opposite. This needs to be decided for your own purposes. For example, cross-beam shelves than through shelves to save warehouse  space, storage space access to engage in access methods can be on the  first-in first out, but there is no access to the back of a good variety  of shelves.
B: China's shelf technology issues: Spraying process: surface  degreasing → rinse → pickling rust → rinse → phosphating → high pressure  washing → drying → electrostatic spraying → high temperature curing.
C: China's shelf stability. If you do not consider the purchase before the load-bearing shelf and stability, then it will certainly affect the shelf life. Therefore, the purchase of shelves to be calculated when the load-bearing shelves is more important.
D:  If you purchase the Chinese shelf can not covet the quote cheap, more  from the long-term shelf perspective, select the quality Nanjing Veida logistics equipment Co.,Ltd. that cheap and high quality shelves is the best policy.

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