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Structural characteristics of cantilever rack

- Jan 22, 2018 -

1, cantilever shelves have a single arm and the arms of the Division, efficient storage of wood, tubes, strips and other similar products. Cantilever shelves can be composed of a single column unit with a cantilever through the horizontal lever, diagonal rod and so on to form a plurality of unit systems.

 2, cantilever shelves in the quality, safety and management is an effective storage system. The column is composed of column and base, the column is welded by two specially designed C-shaped steel, this structure makes full use of the load resisting capacity of the material, and has the characteristics of large bearing and low cost.

 3. Prefabricated double row hole, hole pitch for 100mm, cantilever through the plate and the column connection, can be 100mm for the pitch up and down adjustment.

Cantilever frame parameter table (reference)

Product Specification Column height cantilever specification cantilever length single arm load

(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)

Light Cantilever frame 50*100*2.0≤1800 40*60*1.5≤700≤150

60*120*2.0≤2000 40*80*1.5≤1000≤250


Medium Cantilever frame 70*140*2.0≤2500 50*100*2.0≤1100≤350



80*180*2.0≤3000 50*140*1.5≤1200≤500


100*200*2.5≤3500 100*100*2.0≤1300≤1000 of heavy cantilever frame


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