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Storage racking classification?

- Dec 18, 2017 -

  1. According to the way of loading shelves: cantilevered shelves, cabinet shelves, shed shelves.
    2 according to the structure of the shelf sub-combination of removable shelves, fixed shelves. Which is divided into unit shelves, general shelf, mobile shelves, - Through shelves.
    3.  According to the shelf height: 1) low-level shelves: height of 5 meters  below; 2) middle shelf: height of 5-15 meters; 3) high shelves: height  of 15 meters or more.
    4. According to the weight of the  shelves: 1) heavy shelves: each shelf load of 500 kg or more; 2) medium  shelves: each shelf (or shelf) load 150-500 kg; 3) light shelves: each  shelf Carrying capacity of 150 kg or less.
    5. By application of industry points: logistics shelves, electricity supplier shelves, 4S shop shelves.
    6. According to the storage of goods points: drinks shelves, mold shelves, fruit shelves, clothing shelves and so on.
    7. According to the development characteristics of points: the traditional shelves and new shelves.

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