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Steel tray features selection

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Steel tray (steel tray) for forklift operations, easy access to goods. Mainly used for multi-purpose ground storage, shelf storage and cargo transport, turnover and other light metal tray series. Placement, stacking, handling and transportation of horizontal platform units as unit loads. It is now one of the important industrial storage and transportation auxiliary equipment. The  main material is steel or galvanized steel, molded by special  equipment, various profiles support each other, rivet connection to  strengthen, and then welded by CO2 gas shielded welding. Steel  pallet is a kind of container unit tool used for mechanized handling,  handling and stocking of goods. The basic structure is composed of  longitudinal beams or blocks, legs and the like under a single deck. The  minimum height of the pallet can be easily used by the forklift Or  pallet truck principle; the friction coefficient when used on the  shelves larger, easy to slide under load conditions, the use of safe and  reliable; good steel, carrying capacity, durability, long service life;  generally based on the actual needs of custom. Steel tray / iron tray, a single-sided steel tray, steel tray on both  sides, into the fork on both sides of the tray, on all sides into the  tray on the tray no gap steel tray, slatted steel tray.

The advantages of steel tray:

1, carrying capacity is the strongest in the tray.

2,100% Environmentally friendly, recyclable, no waste of resources.

3, the surface for non-slip treatment, the surrounding edge processing. Solid chassis, light overall quality and strong steel. With a stable packaging performance;

4, waterproof, moisture and rust; compared with wooden pallets have  environmental advantages (such as the capacity of wooden tray breeding  pests).

5, Compared with the plastic tray strength, wear resistance, temperature and price advantage.

6, especially for export, do not need fumigation, high temperature  disinfection or anti-corrosion treatment, in line with international  environmental laws and regulations;

7,  flexible (four-directional insert design, virtually improve the space  utilization and ease of operation, and its solid bottom plate design is  also consistent with the transport roller and automatic packaging  system).

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