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Some little secrets in the warehouse design

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Some small secrets in the warehouse design: To calculate the size of the warehouse, you need to know the following information: storage data (you can find the total amount of inventory on the last day of each month or the day of the previous year as a reference) The proportion of each category in the inventory (the storage/consumption characteristics of the same category are similar), the average weight or the number of squares of the goods in each category, and the number of SKUs (ie, the number of codes or varieties, the more the number means the goods) The more scattered, the stacking standard (that is, how each stack of each pallet is stacked, the maximum stacking several layers).


With the above information, it is basically possible to convert the data of how many pallet bits are needed. Under normal circumstances, if the customer leases for a long time, such as 5 years, and the stacking standard of the goods is relatively standardized, you can consider installing the shelves, improve the utilization of the warehouse, and the investment yield is also good. If the lease term is short, it is not recommended to install the shelf, because it is very likely that after the customer retires, the shelf type is not suitable for other customers, affecting the normal rental of the warehouse. It is necessary to know that the depreciation expense of the shelf per month is not small. The number of it.


Some little secrets in the warehouse design: simply spread the common sense of the shelves. Common types of shelves are: beam-type shelves, drive-in shelves, gravity shelves, shuttle shelves. If the goods are small in size and large in volume, it is recommended to use shelves with large cargo spaces, such as drive-in or shuttle racks. The latter is more popular on the market. If the variety is small, it is recommended to use beam shelves or gravity shelves.


It should be noted that if the variety of goods is small and large, in the design of large cargo shelves, some beam-type shelves must be configured, in order to promptly vacate the remaining scattered goods on the large cargo shelves in time to increase the size. The utilization rate of the cargo position.


With the data of the pallet position, if you just want to calculate a gross area (not very accurate), the general idea is: multiply the number of pallets by the area of the pallet divided by 0.6 (the area of 0.4 is considered the forklift passage and the stocking area) Take up space). If the goods can be stacked, then divide the number of layers stored on the stack based on the result of the calculation (maximum stack of 2 layers divided by 2, 3 layers divided by 3).

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