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shuttle rack applications

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Shuttle car is an intelligent robot that can be programmed to pick up,  transport, place and other tasks, and can communicate with the host  computer or WMS system, combined with RFID, bar code and other  identification technology to achieve automatic identification, access  and other functions.

Shuttle car storage system
Shuttle car storage system, the traditional shelves with  high-precision rails, allowing the shuttle car to run smoothly above the  rail at the same time to undertake the function of cargo transport and  storage, which greatly improve the utilization of storage space.
Shuttle car storage system invented by the Swedish company EAB,  because the forklift trucks do not have to enter the shelves to access  the goods inside, but by the shuttle to complete, remove forklift access  so can achieve very high space utilization.
Shuttle car storage system, enabling FIFO (First In First Out), advanced back (FILO) and other operations.
The scope of application
Shuttle  car storage system, in principle, an alley can only be placed in a kind  of goods (SKU), special applications (access at both ends, advanced  out) an alley can place two kinds of goods, so this system is more  suitable for a single product A large number of goods.
Expand the application
Mother and child car: mother car running in the horizontal track, and  automatically identify the work lane, release car to access operations, a  certain distance
Degree to improve the degree of system automation.
Cooperate  with stacker: Automated warehouse can also use shuttle to improve  storage utilization, stacker automatically identify shuttle and assign  the workway, the shuttle accesses the goods in the lane, and then  stacker to complete the storage Job, to achieve automatic storage and management system.
Multi-shuttle: Multi-shuttle can run on both horizontal and vertical  tracks, the horizontal movement of goods and access by only a shuttle to  complete, the degree of automation system greatly increased.
Shuttle car storage system, also known as the shuttle shelves, has been widely used in China.
Shuttle car out of storage system
Shuttle car out of storage system is an automated three-dimensional  warehouse system components, from the rail car to complete the goods out  of storage connection, and stacker with the completion of storage  operations.
This shuttle trolley also became RGV.

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