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Shelf is an important tool for warehouse modernization

- Nov 23, 2017 -

With  the continuous development of the storage equipment industry in recent  years and the increasingly obvious advantages of the shelves in  warehousing, more and more industries choose shelves to make better use  of their own storage space, which saves storage space to a certain  extent and also saves The cost of warehousing, efficiency is also greatly increased.

Nanjing  weida shelves has been providing warehousing services for all walks of  life, including electronic light industry, machinery manufacturing,  pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food industry, furniture,  wood, electricity and energy, logistics center. The type of storage involved is also varied, Nanjing Jinhui storage  features on the shelf with four major design features, the following for  a brief introduction:

 1. Structure of warehouse. That  is, at the beginning of the design of the storage solution, we must  understand the height of the warehouse to determine the height of the  shelf design. Sometimes there are pillars in the warehouse, which need to be avoided when designing. Treasury floor structure and flatness, will affect the design and installation. Of course, fire protection facilities and lighting are also within the design considerations. Therefore, the design of storage solutions, allowing customers to  provide a clear warehouse drawings, help to design storage solutions  later.

 2. Store the morphological characteristics of items. First  of all, the weight of the stored items is an important parameter that  directly affects the load on the shelf. The size of the stored items  also affects the size of the shelf. For example, the storey height of  each layer needs to consider the height of the stored items. Sometimes according to the different requirements of the items, the  storage will be used with trays, storage cage, bin and other station  appliances to use.

3. Storage handling storage. Depending  on the storage items, storage handling equipment is also different, and  sometimes forklift operation, which will affect the spacing between the  shelves. Sometimes the weight of storage items is light, it will use manual  storage, if necessary, can be used with logistics trolley or ascent car  operation.

4. Storage and storage volume. Regardless  of the way in and out of the first-in-first-out or advanced, access to  the frequency or access to the number, according to the data for the  corresponding design, in order to reasonably store.

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