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Shelf installation considerations

- Apr 18, 2018 -

1. General installation and acceptance of shelves, to ensure quality and safety, promote technological progress, and improve economic efficiency, formulate this specification.

2. The shelf installation should be constructed according to the plan. When the construction site is found to have irregularities on the site or design, it should be promptly put forward, and the construction can only be carried out after the approval of the change.

3. All kinds of measuring and testing instruments, instruments, meters and equipment used in shelf installation shall comply with the provisions of the current national measurement laws and regulations, and their accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level required for installation.

4. The concealed works before shelf installation should be inspected before the project is concealed, and construction can only be continued after passing the inspection.

5. Self-checking should be performed in the shelf installation.

6, shelf installation construction, in addition to the implementation of this specification, should comply with the state (industry) current standards and regulations.

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