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Several points on the installation of warehouse rack

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Several points on the installation of warehouse rack

  Install warehouse rack should pay attention to what, professional installation team should do, see below.

  1, the installation of warehouse rack should consider the weight distribution of goods caused by uneven deformation, stacking machine or forklift movements caused by lateral momentum, seismic intensity fortification;

  2, warehouse rack should be installed between the goods, goods and shelves and between the goods and fire pipelines to leave a safe distance, leaving out the fire spray space;

  3, the selection of high-quality steel, surface rust and decorative treatment, in order to ensure the use of the performance of the premise, to minimize the cost of the project.

  4. The installation of storage shelf structure, should consider the use of requirements, equipment, load properties, material supply and installation conditions and other factors, reasonable choice of structural form, structural measures and production materials, to achieve advanced technology, economic and reasonable, safe application, to ensure quality.

  5. The dimensional tolerances, deformations and clearances of the shelves shall conform to the relevant standards.

  6. There are strict installation procedures, regardless of the durability limit state or the maximum load limit state to install the storage shelf structure, must conform to the relevant standards, must have the calculation book. For major projects must be calculated by finite element, the strength of the shelves, stiffness and stability of the composite, the earthquake under the safety of a comprehensive assessment. For repeated use of standard shelves, there must be a general-purpose calculation.

  7. The data used must be based on or tested. Shelf structure is often difficult to accurately analyze theoretically, we must rely on the corresponding tests to determine the required parameters in the installation, but also directly through the test to determine the shelf structure or the carrying capacity of a component. Test should be reported, the test equipment should be recognized by the state qualified measurement Department calibration, inspection qualified.

  8. When installing the beam-type shelves, warehouse rack note that each end of the beam must be equipped with a locking device, or to provide screws and nuts fastening, so that the beam can be stably fixed on the column, to prevent the upward force from the detachment. To ensure that the beam and its locking device (or screws and nuts) of the joint, in use should regularly check the normal operation of the crossbeam lock or screw nut fastening, timely replacement of the damaged device.

  9. Rack column pins should be properly fixed on the concrete foundation. To make sure that the connection between the shelves and the ground is the use of embedded parts, the use of two irrigation programs, or the use of chemical bolts and ground directly connected to the scheme. The diameter and the minimum size of the bolt must be determined by calculation according to the actual load, seismic load or wind load. 2.4m below manual feeding small shelves are not fixed. Fixed Shelf Column foundation of concrete must be cured continuously for 28 days, and withstand the corresponding pressure, the foundation of uneven settlement to meet the use requirements.

  10. The settlement value of the rack-shelf base should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the shelf structure. Non-Library rack the All-in-one shelves should pay attention to the separation of the shelf base and the foundation of the construction house pillar in the installation, and prevent the damage of the building by the force of the shelf structure.

  11. When installing warehouse rack, one or more permanent signs must be set up in the conspicuous place of the shelves, the area of each sign should not be less than 20x20 (CM2), the label should be marked with a clear font of the maximum unit load (kg), each layer of the maximum uniform load (kg), warehouse rack the number of units allowed to be stored in each cell.

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