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Scientific and reasonable warehouse rack plan how to do?

- Aug 18, 2017 -

  Scientific and reasonable warehouse rack plan how to do?

  Now, the warehouse rack manufacturers row by row, the warehouse rack trading Company is a dime, the competition is becoming more and more hot, coupled with the network communication developed, customers in the procurement warehouse rack process more convenient goods than many. In such a competitive environment, want to stand out, the major warehouse rack between the manufacturers swords, than the strength, than the quality, than the service, than the price. We believe that in addition to these, the design of warehouse rack is also the most important.

  Scientific and reasonable warehouse rack design, can save costs for customers, improve space utilization, effective management of warehouses. A perfect shelf design plan to hand over the first time to customers, but also to impress customers, to add points to success. So, what should be a good warehouse rack design plan?

  1, in line with the storage needs of goods, the principle of the goods. The most basic function of warehouse rack is to store the goods, that is, to design the warehouse rack planning plan before the goods must be fully understood, including shape, size, weight, whether or not the card board and other data. The source of these data can be provided by the customer, and can be inspected by the designer in situ.

  2, warehouse structure and related equipment, a comprehensive understanding of the principle. Warehouse structure, warehouse area, warehouse type, warehouse each channel, warehouse effective total height, warehouse pillar, Warehouse floor, warehouse fire fighting facilities. Related equipment, forklift, stacker, elevators and so on. Special attention should be paid to the need for the forklift, the length of the turn to understand.

  3, maximize the use of natural space, increase the principle of storage bit. Usually the vast majority of enterprises in the purchase of warehouse rack before, its warehouse inputs have formed a fixed size, then, in order to effectively reduce the cost of storage, to play the greatest economic benefits, this principle is the most important.

  4, the effective circulation of goods, the principle of effective management. The management of goods, listen carefully to the customer's management of goods, the establishment of a reasonable warehouse rack layout. The way of goods circulation, is manual access, or mechanical access, aisle position, advanced first out, the whole into the whole out and so on.

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