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Pallet Racking manufacturers

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Pallet Racking Store pallet stocked units, work with alley stacker and other storage and transportation machines. High-rise  shelves and more use of the overall structure, usually by the steel  sheet welded shelves (with trays), through the horizontal and vertical  beams and beams and other components connected together. The side clearance takes into account the parking accuracy of the  goods in the original position, the stopping accuracy of the stacker,  the installation accuracy of the stacker and the shelf, etc. The width  of the goods support must be greater than the width of the side  clearance so that the cargo side is in an unsupported condition.
Tray shelves
Using a free combination of easy to disassemble and move, according to  the height of the item push code, arbitrary adjustment beam position,  also known as adjustable pallet rack.
Also  commonly known as beam shelves, or cargo shelves, usually heavy  shelves, shelves in the country's most common storage system. First  of all, the unitization of containers shall be carried out. The type,  size and size of the pallet, the weight of single pallet and the height  of pallet (the weight of single pallet is generally less than 2000kg) This  determines the unit shelf span, depth, floor spacing, according to the  effective height of the lower edge of the warehouse roof truss and  forklift maximum fork height determines the height of the shelf. Unit  shelf span within 4m, depth within 1.5m, low, high warehouse shelf  height is generally within 12m, high shelf storage height is generally  within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouse, the total  shelf height by a number of paragraphs 12m within the column). In  such warehouses, most of the low-high warehouses are provided with a  lift-off battery forklift, a counterbalanced battery forklift and a  three-way forklift for access and storage. Take homework. Such a shelf system with high space utilization, access to flexible  and convenient, supplemented by computer management or control, the  basic can achieve the requirements of modern logistics system.
High utilization rate of tray shelves, access to flexible and  convenient, supplemented by computer management or control, the tray can  basically meet the modern logistics system requirements.
Tray shelf applications
Tray  shelves are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and  distribution centers and other fields, both for a variety of small  quantities of goods, but also for small varieties of large quantities of  goods. Pallet shelves in the high warehouse and ultra-high warehouse most used, divided into the tray tray and gravity pallet rack.
Drive-in tray shelves
Combined structure, height can be adjusted. Coupled  with various types of forklifts and trays, forklifts can go directly to  the shelf each column inventory area operations, suitable for access to  large quantities, less variety of goods. Can take full advantage of the warehouse area.
Gravity tray shelves
Combined structure, the shelves roadway designed to a certain degree of slope. Under  the action of gravity, the pallet slips from the delivery end to the  delivery end, and the pallet is first in, first out. It is suitable for  high volume and less variety of goods and has high space utilization.

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