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One week on the shelf

- Apr 23, 2018 -

1. Check the use of shelves, to comply with the principle of the use of shelves

An ox force to use the shelf to prevent top-heavy: should be high-level light goods, the underlying principle of heavy cargo.

b Use to prevent overload: The weight of each layer of storage of goods shall not exceed the maximum load of the shelf design. c Use shall be protected against ultra-high ultra-wide: Shelf height, layer width has been limited, the size of card board and cargo should be slightly less than the net space 100 mm.

d Use the shelf to prevent impact: The forklift should be handled as gently as possible during operation.

That is, when the shelves are used for placing goods on the shelf, the operator should not directly enter the bottom of the shelves.

F. The shelf should be used to prevent the use of non-standard floorboards (cardboards) for use on shelves.

2. Check the size and type of all stored goods;

3. Check whether the configuration of the appearance is consistent with the original one.

4. Check the amount of deformation of the shelf;

5. Check whether the safety pin is complete and whether there is any damage; ̊F Check the beam, break, and whether the accessories are damaged, correct the straightness of the column;

6. Check the weight of the pallet goods;

7. Check whether the ground expansion bolts of the fixed column are loosened.

8. Check feet and other protective measures;

9. Check whether the ground is sinking or damaged;

10. Inspectors should record according to actual conditions and submit written inspection results to department heads. Professional rack personnel should be dispatched to exclude hidden dangers.

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