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Light Duty Shelving

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Light Duty Shelving is a very economical and practical convenience of a warehouse shelf, because of its lighter load, it is often referred to as light shelves. Shelf is composed of three kinds of components: column, beam, layer board. The lightweight rack is designed with no screws and is easy to install and disassemble. Suitable for storing some lightweight small goods, is one of the shelves of laminated board. Light shelves of the same structure and the same, can be disassembled, layer height to 5cm spacing can be freely adjusted, but its material specifications relatively small, bearing capacity is relatively small, this kind of light shelf price relative to the economy, the structure of the relative universal angle steel shelves to stable and reliable, in the 1500cm span, can carry 100-200kg. The surface adopts the spray treatment, the appearance is neat and tidy. It is suitable for storing light and medium items and for manual access.

Light Duty Shelving Structure

1, shelf column: made from the bilateral punching holes, hole distance to 50mm distance along a straight line, column holes used to hang the layer board;

2, shelf steel PLATE: The production of cold-rolled steel plate in accordance with the required size of four-bend forming.

3, the column and the steel plate through the quick Buckle card pin and the triangular type fixed piece connection and the fixed composition shelves.

4, all parts of the rack after the formation of all the grinding, pickling and phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying and drying process after the assembly of finished products. Production of the shelf finished surface smooth, beautiful, floor board can be arbitrarily adjustable, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Light Duty Shelving Features

1, fully assembled structure, random combination, installation, disassembly convenient and flexible.

2, the Shelf Material section optimization, a variety of pipe selection, improve the bearing capacity.

3, the floor board has the plank and the steel plate may choose, the column height has each 50mm adjusts the hole distance, may according to the cargo high and low adjust the layer to use.

4, Surface treatment using polishing, surface derusting, degreasing, electrostatic powder spray treatment, according to the customer specified color spray, with beautiful color, not easy to oxidize, easy to clean and so on.

5, less capital investment, widely used in factories, shopping malls and other storage needs.

Plank structure

The plank structure belongs to the oldest one kind of shelf, the commonly used punching angle steel with screw fixed link is good, use plank to put up.

Advantages: The length and width of the plank can be customized to the size. Disadvantages: Bulky shelves, easy disassembly.

Steel structure

Steel plate structure belongs to the new product, steel plate commonly used width: 300, 400 length: 1000, 1200. High and low can be customized. The load-bearing is similar to the plank structure.

Advantages: Easy disassembly and easy installation. Disadvantages: The size of arbitrary customization is not very convenient.

Scope of application

1, usually used in small pieces, lighter cargo storage, single layer bearing preset in the ≤150kg range.

2, to human, manual handling, storage and selection of the main operation.

Production process

① Light Shelf Column specification: 30*50*1.0c-type steel, using high quality steel strip by Kaiping, automatic rolling mill, punching punch, and then according to the customer designated height cut.

② Light Shelf Panel is made of high quality cold plate, Kaiping, longitudinal shearing, bending forming and welded reinforcement.

③ light shelf column and laminated plate processed into semi-finished products, you can carry out the final process of spraying. When finished, it can be packaged and shipped.

④ Light shelves is an ideal substitute for the original enterprise with angle steel welding and simple shelves on board. Products with low cost, safe and reliable, assembly, disassembly simple, can be used alone.

⑤ at the same time we can according to customer actual storage space design, manufacturing shelves.

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